Ching Ying Oon

Ching Ying Oon

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Burberry Infinite

A merge where luxury meets technology. A high sensational virtual reality shopping experience exclusively for British luxury brand-Burberry.

Burberry Infinite is aimed to keep up with the global digitalisation trend and leading the luxury market in terms of digital retailing.

Burberry Infinite is a brand extension of British luxury brand Burberry that offers a futuristic retail space with virtual reality and interactive retail screen. As a luxury brand that pioneers in digital technology, Burberry Infinite offers the most exclusive, high sensational virtual reality shopping service in its flagship stores. It allows luxury shoppers to view Burberry products in 3D version of 360-degree vision under original runway environment or behind-the-scene environment. The Burberry flagship store will be transformed into an entirely digitalised, technology-advanced luxury retail space to reveal a much more futuristic world.
The main idea of Burberry Infinite is to merge luxury with digital technology in response to the evolution of retail space and the rise of digital technology. Furthermore, due to the constantly changing consumer needs, it aims to fulfil consumers' demands that luxury brands do not only sell the products, but also sells stories and values. Thus, by immersing the luxury shoppers into a 360-degree virtual shopping world, it will elevate the shopping experiences to the next level through the integration of technology into the physical store.
For business wise, Burberry Infinite is a great business opportunity to engage with the luxury customers through the use of the latest virtual reality technology and story-telling of the rich brand heritage. In long term, it is able to engage with consumers on an emotional level and nurture stronger loyalty towards the brand.
Since the target consumer group of Burberry Infinite is Millennial luxury shoppers, it is developed to allow an easy entry into the millennial market which is driven by digital technology to curb with the slow market growth in luxury retailing. As a marketing tool to connect with the Millennial, there will be increasingly more sales opportunities for this new young market once the brand relationship with Millennial consumers is reinforced. Hence, this will ensure the sustainability of the business for the next decade.