Chenxi Liang

Chenxi Liang

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



The Asian fashion market is dominated by the Chinese market, and the Indian market is emerging. The consumption habits and demands of these consumers are different from Western consumers. Thus, international brands are facing challenges in accurately formulating marketing strategies for these consumers.

Marketing & PR
The mental health theme of marketing and public relation campaigns were planned. I think the whole process was interesting because I have been requiring myself with creative thinking to think about how to make my planned activities attract my target audiences, whether they are a common audience or potential audience.

Independent Final Project
The project had deep research on Chinese trendy market. At first, I thought that some international brands did not grasp the preferences of consumers very accurately in the Asian market. So I took Chinese consumers as the starting point and studied the consumption behavior of Generation Z & Y in China. As a result, I found that Chinese young consumers were tired of the stereotyped use of Chinese culture by international brands. They have been desiring to purchase the products made in China, but China's local trendy market is not mature, and many young consumers do not know about local fashion brands. So, I designed an APP to let them know the Chinese trendy culture and local trendy brands to promote the development of Chinese fashion brands.

Personal Work – Digital Marketing for Allbirds in China
This project selected China's most communicative social platform, Weibo, as a marketing tool for the online Allbirds Tmall flagship store. At the same time, the sale event in Tmall flagship stores has been planned to increase the brand’s exposure and visibility as well as increase online sales. These events are to solve the problems of worse sales and lower publicity of Allbirds in Chinese online stores than offline stores. Especially, the selected influencers and the design of simple banners and creative pictures can capture the attention of consumers and retain their imagination and curiosity.

After three years of study, I found that I am very interested in international brand marketing and consumer interaction, especially for the Asian market. In the future, I want to find more creative solutions to build stronger interaction with consumers and help international brands build better brand image in the Asian market and get more profits.