Charnice Blaize

Charnice Blaize

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Charnice Blaize Portfolio


“I am educated, I am passionate, I like cartoons and orange juice! But mainly, I AM URBAN!"
“I am Urban. I am Proud. I am Blaized.”
Challenging and rectifying audiences’ perception of what being urban in the UK means. An extensive argument was developed in dissertation research; ‘Urban Culture; An Honest Reality, or Violence and Criminality.’ This provided an insight into what may have been an influence resulting in the inaccurate representation and misunderstanding of what being ‘urban’ means.

Following the conclusions contrived and appropriate recommendations made from the dissertation research, these were all refined and developed into a career prospect. was created.
A platform that reveals, empowers and celebrates UK urban culture. This is achieved by supporting the up and coming talent in the scene and expressing that passion, innovation and talent UK urban culture truly possesses. Blaized will be the home for UK urban culture, providing all the latest insight into the UK urban scene. Expressive. Representative. Honest.

‘Being urban isn’t about being perfect, it’s not subjective to a race or gender or age. Being urban is about being expressive, being innovative, being truthful, and being proud. Break down the stereotypes and change the meaning of being ‘urban’. Make up your own meaning, tell others ‘Fuck your stereotypes!’ Let people know “I am Urban. I am Proud. I am Blaized.”
-(Blaize, C. 2017, Blaized Magazine)

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