Charlotte Strange

Charlotte Strange

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: The Weekender


"Consumers want an escape to the country and the look to go with it"
This collection of work, including my final major project and dissertation, focuses on the country lifestyle / heritage sector in the fashion industry.
As country life became trendy, and the wellbeing factors of country rural lifestyle are noticed, more and more consumers idolize this relaxed way of life. Michelle Irani, Hunter Boots Marketing manager explains, “I think people want that escape to the country, and they want the look to go with that”. As seen through a rise in the market and the comeback of heritage designs, country clothing has risen to becoming a desired fashion trend.
“City dwellers are making their urban lives feel as rural as possible.” (M Shaw & K Franklin 2010) LS:N Global trend Rurban Revolution looks into this desire for a rural life as more and more consumers are wanting to go back to nature, finding out where things are sourced and becoming more environmentally aware. Wanting locally sourced food, the ability to grow food and embracing more small scale micro-brands.

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