Charlotte Relf

Charlotte Relf

Charlotte Relf

COURSE: Textiles

Pathway: Embroidered Textiles


Semi - Awake State

Semi-Awake State is a series of hallucinatory landscapes that are influenced by personal emotions, and visuals experienced within the confused state of awakening.

Combining unusual graphic images haphazardly create confused overlaps that hint possible juxtaposing material infusions. These resemble the involuntary imbalance of perspective within an unconscious mind.
A mishmash of liquified and synthetic materials with exaggerated embroidery stitches are used to add detail and bring energy to flat sublimation prints. Pertruding elements consume the viewers allowing them to become immersed by the self-generated getaway.

Through documentation of individual imaginings, a colour pallet is established that explores the emotions sensed. The colour pallet is subtly introduced to everyday imagery to hint the tangible uniting with the invented.