Charlotte Lovelock

Charlotte Lovelock

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Depop Up

"We knew resale was thriving, but were surprised to learn how quickly it may overtake other markets and shopping methods — including fast fashion — and how millennials, despite being broadly wasteful, are driving this movement."

(Fashionista, 2018)

In my final year at Birmingham City University, I focused my Dissertation, Competition and Final Major Project on the Streetwear Market and how the use of Recommerce platforms is affecting the industry and it's consumers. The Dissertation allowed me to explore into and identify the grey areas of the recommerce world before providing a suitable solution in my Final Major Project, Depop Up.

Depop Up is a concept whereby, buyers and sellers of the original Depop app will be able to buy, sell and trade their unwanted items within a safe online and physical space. There will be staff on site that will be able to check the legitimacy and overall value of an item, before any transaction has taken place. The aim of Depop Up is to inspire young people to buy, sell and trade, and the business’ goal is to provide a safe, smooth and instant transaction under one roof.

Due to the nature of the Fashion Business and Promotion course, I have studied various modules to help me decide on what career path I would like to take. These modules include: Buying and Merchandising, Events Management and Digital Marketing. By focusing the majority of my modules on male orientated brands, I am now aware of the chosen field I would like to enter and feel confident doing so.

Video A: Business Plan for Depop UP.
Video B: Depop UP app.
Video C: Dissertation – “An investigation into the rise of recommerce platforms and the impact it has on consumers and the fashion industry.”