Charlotte Howell

Charlotte Howell

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Body Shape Campaign

Marketers are Running Wild with their Expectations of the Female Body...
Retailers Marketing Messages have the ability to tackle body ideals,confidence and expectations
Size focused campaigns continue to overlook the range of consumers within the market, missing opportunities to attract to a whole consumer group.
Size 0 and Plus Size have received much attention over recent years, however shifts over the matter of body ideals, confidence and expectations has revealed the lack of recognition for the 'in-between' consumer.
Introducing DPshapeME - the shop your shape campaign for high street retailer Dorothy Perkins, which aims to set the standard on new marketing material for high street retailers - educating their range of consumers, improving their shopping experience in-store and online and securing the final purchase.
This campaign is focused through a Visual Merchandising Strategy,considering graphics, layout for a range of stores, outfit builds and fixture placement and how this can be merchandised into new collections of Formal Wear, Causal Wear and Denim Lines,whilst still maintaining the brands identity yet meeting the increasing expectations of consumers to see more Diverse Representation.
This campaign has full potential to be applied t numerous high street retailers targeting the middle mass market. The marketing methods created can be adapted to suit different stores and brand identities whilst still maintaining the core messages and targeting the range of body shapes that the majority of stores cater for.

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