Charlotte Greenwood

Charlotte Greenwood
Charlotte Greenwood

Charlotte Greenwood

COURSE: Textiles 2018



Reconstructed Past

This fresh print language for fashion sportswear, inspired by the traditional Japanese techniques of sashiko embroidery and origami.

The relaxed collection incorporates discreet details and trimming concepts.

Inspiration is taken from two WGSN trends, ‘New Details’ and ‘Sports Details’. This laid-back collection has an active influence and sporting aesthetic focusing on odd trimmings, discreet details and feminine beauty.

Pattern is inspired by natural forms as it is traditional in Japanese art. The drawings are stylised in order to incorporate the textile techniques learned further. For example, the WGSN trend, ‘Faux Embroidery Effect’, and origami were the focus for the prints. Thereby, illustrating the techniques within the pattern, as well as physically creating them through fabric manipulation.

The culture of Tokyo is a focus as it is a place where ancient and modern meet. Tokyo is hugely influenced by the West, for example, through street style and technology. However, traditions are still an integral part of Japanese culture.

The collection will be aimed towards the millennial generation who are energised by daring, statement pieces. As sport and fashion are continuing to merge, the young, fashion-driven individuals are the perfect audience for this active, modern and fashion-forward collection.
Charlotte Greenwood