Charlotte Penny-Slinn

Charlotte Penny-Slinn

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Snapchat Virtual Fashion

Virtual Expression, Real Impact

About Snapchat Virtual Fashion

“Snapchat Virtual Fashion” is a concept that is an additional feature to the existing Snapchat app and will allow users to navigate a real world map and interact with virtual clothes via augmented reality (AR). With the use of sophisticated body-mapping technology, users can overlay these clothes onto images of themselves. The final outcome can be posted onto social media platforms of their choice.

The main goals of the concept is to offer an alternative for consumers who buy clothes for the sole purpose of posting pictures of their outfits on social media and then throwing the garments away, causing tonnes of excessive landfill waste. This was identified to be a key driver for the concept, hence the slogan “Virtual Expression, Real Impact”. Additionally, the concept will provide a fun and entertaining experience for users whilst they immerse, interact and educate themselves with AR technology and virtual fashion. Other key drivers were the surge in popularity and demand for immersive technology, the LSN macro trend “Immaterial Fashion” which focused on looking at digital fashion as an alternative to physical fashion and the rise of the 4th industrial revolution which is the integration of technology into various sectors. Snapchat Virtual Fashion aims to bridge the gap between fashion and technology.

As research from this project showed that personalisation is a huge part of virtual clothing, a comprehensive analysis was carried out amongst brands from various sectors (fast fashion, mass market, high-end high street and luxury) where existing personalisation options were assessed. From this it was determined that Snapchat Virtual Fashion would be best suited for the mass market sector. A comp shop was then carried out which allowed for further understanding of what garments are currently being offered by mass market brands. These findings where then translated into 2D CADs using Adobe Illustrator, to demonstrate what clothes will be offered via the concept.

Completion of this project confirmed that the career role I wish to pursue is marketing. The sector I aim to work for is premium high street as a part of their digital marketing team.
Charlotte Penny-Slinn