Charlotte Austin

Charlotte Austin

Charlotte Austin



Graduate from Fashion Business and Promotion, aspiring to work within the Marketing or Advertising sector.

During my time at Birmingham City University, I have found myself enjoying and gravitating towards the marketing sector, with a particular interest in advertising as of third year.

I have built my final major project around my interest for marketing, and aligned it to Graduate Fashion Weeks Marketing Award. From the conception of my final major project during the research phase of my dissertation, I knew that marketing a new concept for a company would be an interesting way to develop and showcase my creative skills.

The Dissertation project delved into the lifestyles of consumers in Western Society today, making links between historical and current context, posing the question "Is there a way to make it easier for consumers to live healthier lifestyles?". Further research into current health trends and those who adopt them helped to identify a target consumer, confirming why the recommendations made would be suitable. The recommendation that supermarkets could offer their own meal kit service inspired the creation of Fitco. Fitco is a Tesco own meal kit, with the input of Fitbit to provide nutritional information and education to consumers.

Within the Final Major Project, Fitco evolved visually and the finer details were researched and developed to ensure that Fitco would be a viable business. Marketing collateral was created to demonstrate how Fitco advertising would look to the public, and a marketing plan was established to outline when and how this advertising would manifest.