Chantelle Folarin

Chantelle Folarin

COURSE: Foundation in Fashion and Textiles 2021

Signature Project

Play Environments

I decided to focus on the nature elements within play. Nature in any environment is full of texture, layers and varied shapes. I will be taking inspiration and reference from artists and designers who base their works on play, or have playful elements within their work or instillations.

As a play leader when I am planning for work, we think about creating points of interest, colour and texture in and around the play space. To decorate large areas and make the space inviting (usually themed along with the season or a particular event) I use large hoops, bin bags, ribbon and fabrics to create chandeliers, ribbon curtains (on elastic) so that, they are easy to stretch across large areas. I always make bunches of large and small bin bag flowers. All items are made to last, easy to install and for the most part weather resistant and ready for play.

Progression: BA Hons Textile Design (Fibre Arts)