celine lee phey kitt

celine lee phey kitt

celine lee phey kitt




FMP Rejuvenate:

As wellbeing and health become the future focused trend in the market, Rejuvenate is a wellness social space that provides consumers and retailers with a new wellness social space concept for malls to adapt. Combining a mall space with a social space showing a well-needed blend, Being unique as no other space has integrated a solely dedicated area to the wellness sector. Designing an affordable and assessable escape from the hustle and bustle of the real world, to create a balance of social space for health and wellness in the heart of the mall.

Targeting the two largest consumers globally, Generation Z and the millennials as the core consumer of the increasing wellness market demographic. Offering the rise in awareness in wellbeing and health, an increase in foot traffic of retail malls, and new revenue for the gentrification of the community.


With the ever-evolving notion of luxury, this dissertation aims to research the future of luxury retail in this new era of technology, focusing on the generation Z consumers and how luxury brands should enhance their engagement with them. Furthermore, research on new innovations from different technology companies that are creating new technologies to benefit the luxury retail sector. In addition, this dissertation researches the different luxury companies whom are already incorporating technology into their business models and how the future of luxury

Through my journey in Birmingham City University I have graduated with a well-equipped knowledge of the fashion industry and the industries key drivers and future trends. In my degree, I have focused on the evolving notion of luxury retail and the health and wellbeing effect towards consumers and retailers. Besides that, along with my FMP Rejuvenate module, I have not only designed a 3d model of the proposed wellness space but also flourished a new passion for event and public relations, combining my love for branding and generating new ideas with organizing and planning events and PR for companies. Hence my drive towards the events and PR sector as my choice of career path.