Ceilidh Hadden

Ceilidh Hadden

Ceilidh Hadden

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Constructed Textiles 2020


Up Up & Away

The main line of enquiry that inspires this project is to explore how far the boundaries of knitted textiles can be pushed to produce concepts that are unique, conceptual and sculptural, through exploitation of yarn combinations, to artistically communicate the sensory experience of fever dreams.

Headache-inducing colour combinations work alongside curious knit structures to create fabrics that intrigue, confuse and invite touch and conversation.

Using unconventional materials such as various monofilaments further support the exploration of unique knitting, and material testing pushes the project forwards, as yarns of various colours and textures are blended with monofilament to exploit the properties of these materials. The exploration of the concept of ‘Fever Dreams’ is based off a personal experience with disorientating dreams induced by illness, which are something frequently experienced personally. They are confusing, disturbing, and push the boundaries of reality, providing a different perspective of the world. Mainly characterised by extreme contrasts in shape and scale, bright colours, loud noises, and phobias, “Up Up & Away” aims to translate this disturbing phenomenon into an engaging and sensory knitted textiles collection, producing fabrics and art pieces suitable for interior application.