Catrin Archer

Catrin Archer

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Embellish for Harvey Nichols

Confidence Is The Best Fashion Accessory - Vivienne Westwood.
The harder you work for something the greater you feel when you achieve it.
As a graduate of Fashion Business and Promotion I have been able to learn a variety of key skills about the retail industry. The course has shown me all aspects from Trends Forecasting all the way through to Visual Merchandising and Sales.
It has given me the confidence to convey my ideas and speak openly in a presentation form to industry experts and lecturers. I have been able to find main skill areas and excel in them through modules such as my Final Major Project created around handcrafted jewellers. The course has allowed me to further my creativity through business forms such as Marketing and Buying, areas that I would be keen to gain experience in. Now that I have completed my three year course, I feel motivated and ready to seek my new career within the fashion industry.

My final major project was based around handcrafted jewellers and promoting more recognition for their creativity and exquisite skill. I created a new section for Harvey Nichols called Embellish that promoted luxury hand made jewellery from the Birmingham area and also graduates of Birmingham School of Jewellery. Here I was able to create a full business plan including predicted financials and marketing to accompany my concept. This included a visual merchandising mock up, promotional material and photo shoot. My main aim for the project was to show my appreciation for handcrafted jewellery and create a section that would help acknowledge them whilst bringing in maximum profit and sales for the department store.

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Catrin Archer

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