Catherine Louise Sawyer

Catherine Louise Sawyer

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Researching how advancements in artificial technology will have on marketing towards generation Z. While investigating this topic opened up a lot of questions about the use of consumer data and the ethics behind companies storing and using the data, to target marketing campaigns to consumers. Collecting primary research with generation Z it became clear that they felt as long as companies are clear and honest about how and why they are collecting the data. This concluded that the use of AI technology has a large impact on marketing, being essential for marketers to understand their consumers and consumers wanting companies to be transparent with how the data is stored and used.

Moving on from the major project, using the research and looking into how technology can help the growing problems with Generation Z. It evolved, starting to investigating loneliness and found that loneliness one of the main causes for university students to drop out of university.

Therefore ICU was built, an app and campaign to tackle loneliness.
How the app works:
It has 4 main areas, Community, well-being, active, and kindness.
Community allows students to interact with other students who have common interests. Students are able to build up a support network with other students who live in the same halls or goes to the same university, but they might not have necessarily met.

Wellbeing is an area for the students to find meal plans, daily wellbeing tasks EG: mediation, going for walks as well as a tracker to tracker their mental health. The tracker gives them advice on how to better their mind and where to go for additional support, this is to allow the user to be able to have the support for when or if they need it.

The active section is a section to allow the student to find activities that will be put on through the year for students to mix with other students.

Kindness goes a long way, in the kindness section there is an act where a daily ‘task’ is given EG: hold the door open for someone. These small tasks that are simple to achieve and can go a long way for someone else.

Over the 3 years, I have found my passion for marketing and is interested in taking this into the industry. I thrive on business knowledge and strategy planning, researching the latest technology trends.