Kiesha Hendricks

Kiesha Hendricks

COURSE: Textiles 2017


TITLE: Detached from Society


"Modesty has its own style. Within Islam's mandate for modesty, the styles are endless.."
"Fashions fade, style is eternal." Yves Saint Laurent.
Detached from Society focuses on opportunities within the Muslim fashion market and the rise of the Muslim fashion blogger (hijabista), it empowers Muslim women and recognises the importance of the Muslim fashion market in the fashion industry and areas for upcoming growth. As fashion is such a competitive and controversial market this dissertation discusses the motivations behind the fine line between fashion and culture and the contrasts between both. This study also looks at the influence social media has on peoples lives along with the growth of the Muslim population.

The fashion industry from catwalk to the streets to social media plays an enormous part of everyday living and influences people to conquer fears and goals. There is a rise in influence from different cultures and religions, which is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, incorporating fashion and faiths, noticing a niche market and breaking boundaries. My aim is to be the person helping to make a change within the Muslim fashion market by setting up my own business, making garments more accessible on the high street for modest Muslims by creating my own range of thobes, hijabs and modest wear.

Throughout my work research shows that the Western way of living through the use of freedom, voice and self-expression is making a huge impact on Islam. Some would argue that Islamic fashion is getting diluted as the years go on with the rise of Muslims in Europe but Hijabistas show that mixing both cultures together educates, globalizes and fights the negative stigma around the Islamic culture.

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