Leah Moss

Leah Moss

COURSE: Fashion 2020

Pathway: Design Menswear 2020



Let’s go back to the 1980s. An era of eccentric fashion where music is booming around the cities. Brick phones have remerged, and Pacman is playing everywhere. Such good old days ay? Well not for most of us. ‘Strike A Romance’ is heavily influenced by the life of my family and the community in Sheffield through the struggles of the 1984 Miners’ Strike. Times are tough but there are some means of escaping. Through music. The likes of the Human league, ABC, Cabaret Voltaire are on constant play, submerging all thoughts. This collection explores the narrative on all matters through the Miners Strikes. Looking into the most pivotal event, the ‘Battle of Orgreave’, and how communities came as one to help support one another to form strength. The New Romantics is also key throughout, inspired by the music groups formed in Sheffield. Focusing of the escape into the scene of the ‘Blitz’ and understanding the styles of what it means to be a true New Romantic. Print ideas have emerged from the influence of plaids seen throughout the Miners’ Strike and silhouette is formed from the merging of both concepts creating a collection that’s designed for both genders.
Leah Moss

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