Cassandra Stephens

Cassandra Stephens

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Self care comes first

"Promoting self care and well-being amongst women"

Welcome to the real world


Extensive research was carried out on whether the projection of perfection is still a relevant way of marketing.
Dissertation looked into; perfection in beauty and marketing, the negative effects of perfection on social media marketing and the demand for more relatable imagery.

Final Major Project

Research obtained from the dissertation showed an increase into the decline of mental health issues (such as anxiety) among young women as a result of negative effects of social media and marketing perfection in imagery.

My final project was designed to promote self-care and a better sense of well being for women, which is a current and growing trend.
Research had shown that a beneficial way of managing anxiety and stress is to practice mindfulness.
The idea for this is a personalised well being box with home wear items that the consumer can set up their space of relaxation such as items that that will help the consumer un-wind.
The box also includes a mindfulness guide to help consumer practice the mindfulness techniques.

My career path

I am looking to have a career in photography and styling.
I am passionate about creating visually pleasing imagery and like to experiment with different concepts, locations and outfits.
Research from my dissertation shows a demand for more relatable people in imagery, which is something that I want to reflect in my photography / styling work. I want to present a real-life and attainable image for consumers to aspire to.