Cassandra Pearce

Cassandra Pearce

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016



“Humanisation can be seen through many dog related purchases”
"Clothing and accessory sales increased by 14.8% in 2014 alone due to the rise in fashion clothing and outfit mirroring trends"
Research showed the humanisation trend within the pet market is continuing to increase, affecting all areas of the industry. Sales in clothing and accessories for pets has risen drastically in one year after the mirroring trend proved to have effect on ‘pet parents’. The lack of fashionable and unique pet products available in-store inspired the creation of PAWS for River island. This new line will have products suitable for all size and types of breeds and will be designed against existing men and women collections in River Island. There will also be the option to recycle unwanted items and create your own designs and personalise them with embroidery and embellishment.

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