Cassandra Ebanks

Cassandra Ebanks

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017




“The Joy of Dressing is an art” - John Galliano
“Vibrant Summer explores key silhouettes and colours for River Island's S/S16 swimwear range. The trend direction reflects the newest mood."
The first video showcases the work I produced for my Buying & Merchandising assignment. Recognising trends and choosing key silhouettes are skills I have developed and those I wish to take forward. Creating my own swimwear range plan for various consumer types, establishing size ratios and figuring out appropriate critical paths are all personal highlights of the work I produced.

For my buying & merchandising assignment I chose to focus on swimwear for S/S 2016 for the female demographic and produced a range plan, a range board and presented a verbal pitch communicating the future trends for swimwear for that season. The exploration of future fashion trends interested me as the development of product relies on the correct, precise understanding of what is upcoming and attractive for the customer to buy into. Having such power in deciding what print, colour, texture and fabrics are used in a collection is something that interests me.

Additionally, Trends Forecasting was another assignment I took an interest in as much like Buying & Merchandising it’s about assessing future trends based on key drivers in various sectors such as technology, medicine, politics, celebrity culture, then finding the cross sector between all angles and building the trend. The creativity of building a trend up and creating the visual merchandising aspect of how this trend would look in a retail space was the exciting part, the second video shows my trends forecast.

My last video looks into my dissertation topic which investigated counterfeiting in the luxury sector. Intense research broke it down into 5 in depth chapters revealing the consumers ethics and morals towards buying counterfeit goods and the effects on brands. This topic was relevant as working in the luxury sector is the aspiration.

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