Carla Mills

Carla Mills



Final Major Project: Breathe Box

Stop, Get Ready and Breathe

As I am particularly interested in pursuing a career in marketing, I have tailored my work from third year to this sector. My dissertation explored the changing attitudes of consumers and influences upon the marketing industry whilst my Final Major Project focused on improving millennial’s mental wellbeing through creating a meditation subscription box.

My degree modules covering trend-forecasting, events management, marketing and PR plus the final major project have equipped me with the relevant skills and industry knowledge.

This has enabled me to explore my creative edge and business knowledge through report writing, presentations, creating graphics and professional layouts – an excellent foundation for a Marketing career.

To complement my degree course and pursue my interest in fashion marketing I organised a work placement at N Brown. My work involved competitor analysis, web-design briefs, assisting on set and acting as social media correspondent for the lingerie campaign shoot, allowing me to gain skills in social media strategy. Additionally, I composed content for the Simply Be blog website. Working at N Brown gave me further insight into different marketing roles and influenced my career direction.

My dissertation, ‘Will the rise in spirituality within the wellness sector impact the ways in which the millennial consumer is targeted through marketing?’, explored the impact of the wellness sector growth accompanied by the emergence of spirituality and how this has effected millennials resulting in companies adjusting their marketing strategies to appeal to this generation.

I explored how the wellness sector has adjusted its focus onto mental wellbeing in reflection of the mental health crisis. Research concluded that the marketing industry will need to establish emotional connections with consumers in order to appeal to the millennial generation. This module resulted in me getting a first.

Final Major Project:
Following my dissertation recommendations, “Breathe Box” is a meditation subscription box created for Headspace. It contains a range of multi-sensory products, acting as a meditation product tool kit for millennials to help improve their mental wellbeing. A related business plan, branding and marketing collateral plus character booklet were produced.

There would be 4 themes of Breathe Box: Self-Love, Anxiety, Stress and Insomnia. Each theme contains specific products aiming to create a unique meditation experience. Breathe Box aims to educate consumers on how to deal with their mental wellness and how the products could be incorporated into a meditation routine through the ‘Breathe Booklet’ featured inside each box.

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