Caitlin Ryan

Caitlin Ryan

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016



Changing the culture of retail
It’s the right thing for enterprises in the twenty-first century to do for their people and for wider society
My dissertation research study was to investigate how proposed changes to Sunday trading legislation in the 2015 summer budget would impact the retail sector. My research was focussed on consumer attitudes towards Sunday trading, retail worker attitudes towards Sunday trading and how the proposed changes would impact the competition between online retailers and bricks and mortar stores.

My Final Major Project was then based on further research into the treatment of retail staff. Pioneering Partners is a concept that creates a more ergonomic work space for John Lewis partners to operate in. Pioneering Partners is a strategy that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of all customer facing John Lewis partners by adapting the physical spaces, rejuvenating the current wellbeing strategy and implementing two new job roles. Pioneering Partners aims to change the culture of retail by minimising long term absenteeism, reduce turnover of staff and improve staff and consumer attitudes towards retail work.

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