Caitlin Madden

Caitlin Madden

COURSE: Fashion 2021


Design for Performance 2021



This is a project based on dancewear, and more specifically Ballet. This was undertaken in collaboration with Pattison School, in Coventry. The goal was to create two female ballet costumes, one being for a child, for a duet in the school’s annual showcase. This will be filmed, instead of a live performance, due to Covid-19 restrictions. The costumes needed to reflect the theme of metamorphosis, as this is the theme of the performance.

It was important for me to really show a transformation through the costumes, which is why I chose to focus on the animals; caterpillars and butterflies. I decided to represent the younger dancer as the caterpillar, and the older dancer of the butterfly. This, combined with the use of thermochromic paints, created a very interesting concept; as with the heat of the body and the stage lights, parts of the costumes will begin to change colour.

My collaboration was very happy with the outcome for both of the costumes. The dancers are excited to wear them for the showcase, on June 28th 2021. They were also pleased with the result of the photoshoot. The photographer, Michael White Photography, did a brilliant job and found the perfect location.

Despite this project being a challenge due to Covid-19 restrictions, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I feel that I have learnt lots of new skills, and gained experience in areas that I have not explored before.