Caitlin Davies

Caitlin Davies

Caitlin Davies

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020

Tidy Magazine

Tidy Magazine is an independent women’s magazine based in Cardiff exploring all things beauty, art, fashion and lifestyle and hopes to deliver a magazine for creative, intellectual and ambitious women.


A BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Branding graduate aspiring to find a role within the Fashion Publications sector. Through my studies I have developed a wide range of transferable skills across a variety of sectors such as Art Direction, Creative Direction and Styling, Digital Marketing and PR, and Branding. For my Final Major Project I have undertaken an overview of the potential of Cardiff as a new market for fashion business ventures such as an independent fashion publication.


My dissertation ‘Is there a female Cardiff fashion stereotype?’ explores female engagement with fashion in Cardiff. I undertook an analysis of what motivates women in the region to connect with the fashion brands, outlets and publications available in the city. Also, to explore the potential of Cardiff as a new market for fashion business ventures. The rationale for the research derives from the belief that Cardiff lacks a fashion industry as a result of the Welsh economy, and that due to this a female Cardiff fashion stereotype has become apparent. Additionally the research examines the expression of identity through fashion, which determined if females of the region express their personal identity through their clothing and whether this extends to their cultural and social identity.

Final Major Project.

The idea for Tidy Magazine was formed from the findings of my dissertation and my desire to build a platform for Cardiff creatives and to create a collaborative publication. Tidy Magazine is proudly local, celebrating and supporting local independent brands, businesses and creatives; offering them a platform and opportunities to contribute and feature in the magazine.

By engaging with four key consumer groups; including Millennials and Generation X, Y and Z, Tidy Magazine will create a community which allows for voices to be shared and opinions to be heard. These groups have been identified as key consumers who seek real and honest content they can relate to, Tidy Magazine delivers positive and authentic content created by local creative female contributors.

The printed edition of Tidy Magazine was created alongside a website, social media platforms to offer consumers content at the touch of a button and a promotional campaign.

Issue 1 of Tidy Magazine is available to buy now: