Brona Cooley

Brona Cooley

COURSE: Fashion 2018

Pathway: Fashion Communication 2018

Art Direction & Styling


Art direction and styling is the specialism I chose for my FMP in order to produce a series of photoshoots that each represent individual meanings either driven by a trend or a concept. All of which are collaborated with photographers, models and make-up artists in order to achieve professional and creative photoshoots.

My aim is to portray messages through as many of these photoshoots as possible to the audience but still remain a sense of curiosity as to why particular backgrounds/poses are chosen within the photoshoots so that the interpretation is up to the viewer. Each photoshoot has a message which is either obvious or subliminal, which adds to the creativity of these photoshoots.

All aspects are considered within each shoot; make-up, hair, pose, background and most importantly clothing. The styling aspect for each shoot is thoroughly thought through in order to correspond the concept being portrayed within the shoots.
Brona Cooley