Bridget McClelland

Bridget McClelland

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Third Wave Feminism

Women are the Real Architects of Society
Evolvement of the female identity is key for an emerging era of aesthetic and cultural shift of trend innovation
Modern women have become a power status as they feel empowered, stating a cultural shift of trend innovations within the fashion industry. Roles and purchasing power of the female audience are changing, due to an economic shift from ‘Housewife’ to a ‘New Woman’. An emerging rise of female identity has led to a change in behavioural patterns, meaning women are changing the consumer landscape. Embodying this cultural shift Liberty explores a new innovative sense of Branding and Marketing through intellectual strategies, appealing to women’s interests.

The FMP explores developing a new women focused media magazine publication and online ecommerce site, using creative branding strategies of ‘Femvertising.’Liberty is a form of expression being free from society and oppressive restrictions, allowing women to feel independent and celebrate their achievements. Liberty is a new innovative service pioneering its way into a new market of women focused media, aimed for like-minded women who focus on their mind and well-being. Liberty’s service offers a new digital ecommerce retailer specialising in premium and designer brands for our targeted demographic. Liberty also offers a new cultivating women focused media digital magazine, with a more in depth approach then just your standard fashion and beauty magazine. Liberty magazine allows women to indulge their intellectual interests and educate themselves through an array of topics from culture, art, history, economics, politics, fitness, religion and more. Therefore, the aim and launch of Liberty is to fill a gap within a new market sector to focus on the ‘new’ female consumer, through branding and marketing to these business driven women who want to be captivated within a more intellectual manner than just the traditional preconceived notions viewed of women.

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