Bria Smith

Bria Smith

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Buying and Merchandising

“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” - Vivienne Westwood

This collection displays Buying & Merchandising outcomes, with an aspiration of building a career in the Fashion Industry.

A range plan in collaboration with Whistles produced a S/S skirt range tailored to represent the timeless feel of the brand whilst adhering to consumer taste. The project formulated understanding of critical paths, lead times, sourcing, negotiation, phasing, consumer and brand awareness. Trend forecasting was utilised to determine print, colour palettes, textures, fabrics and components. Ethical considerations were also incorporated due to the sustainable focus of the brand. The final range was designed using Adobe Illustrator and the project itself was produced using Adobe InDesign. The above video provides an overview of the Buying and Merchandising module.

Final year work based on the concept of ‘Retail Therapy’ examined the relationship between mood and retail to determine the potential of retail spaces to improve mood and promote mental wellbeing. The study identified the inevitability of experiences and innovations in the future of retail, movement away from product and analysed the changing demands of consumers. A business outcome was developed called Two.o - an intelligence platform with a wellbeing focus. The service aims to reconnect brands and consumers through wellbeing driven initiatives that redirect the principles of retail towards a wellbeing conscious sector. By discovering creative ways to place consumer wellbeing at the forefront of the industry, the platform aimed to revolutionise the retail sector, primarily within brick-and-mortar fashion stores. The project developed a business plan, marketing strategy, website and content for Two.o including collaborations with industry experts.

The video to the left provides an overview of the modules studied throughout my degree in Fashion Business and Promotion. I have gained in depth understanding of different areas within the business side of the fashion industry as well as first-hand experience through part-time employment and industry placement. This course has provided crucial knowledge for personal and professional development as well as insight into the fashion industry.