Bria Mitchell

Bria Mitchell

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016

Pathway: Fashion Communication 2016


Escapism preserves our serenity when the ever-increasing complexity and pace of modern life becomes too much.
IV.O is blending pure and sensual elements to continuously inspire the nation about mental preservation
Simplicity has become a term the modern world draws to. A term that provides escapism from the complexity of contemporary lifestyles that is prevailed by stress and busyness. Simplicity allows elements to stripped back to their basic form to grant its pure, authentic qualities. Society has identified that simplistic products have given them more focus on how they can strengthened their wellbeing holistically within the fast paced ambience. IV.O is a temporary place created for the population to dwell in therapeutic, simplistic realms that celebrates the beauty of calmness and tranquility. IV.O primarily provides four rooms with meditational activities for consumers to explore and gain a healthy, balanced wellbeing through serene escapism. The space will launch in summer 2017 when consumers have hit the stage of pause; aimed for individuals seeking meaning and fulfilment. There will be a mindset shift from full speed lifestyles to slow and steady manifested through technology and will seep into the everyday lifestyles of consumers. IV.0 has identified this issue and has brought the consumer a place to embark on their physical and emotional journey to prosperity.

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