Brandy Blackwood

Brandy Blackwood

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Final Major Project-Merging Cultures Collection

With aspirations to create my own brand, I started the Blue Mahoe label in 2018 which is a youthful fashion brand aimed at 18-30 year olds that love celebrating Caribbean Carnival culture whether at the event or not. My unique experience of living in Jamaica and the first-hand experience of seeing the colourful culture of carnivals inspired the festive aesthetic of my brand.

For my final major project I decided to do a brandbook, zine and fashion film to give a well rounded prospective on the Bleu Mahoe brand. The chosen pictures for my zine show the heavily print based Merging Cultures collections designs with the background set also having prints to create a cohesive and colourful zine. The brandbook served to give deeper insight into the inspiration of the collection and branding aspects to be taken by Bleu Mahoe. The fashion film served to set the mood of the brand and explore its target audience.