Bethany-Jane Heenan

Bethany-Jane Heenan

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Au Naturel

"An all Natural Skincare Brand with a twist"

Recent graduate of Fashion Business and Promotion BA (Hons) from Birmingham City University. I have an interest in marketing and PR. Throughout the three years that I have spent at university, I have development my knowledge in areas such as: Trends Forecasting, Buying & Merchandising, Events Management and Digital Marketing, Branding and PR. Within the three years of the course, I have gained a strong passion for Marketing and PR, but also for the beauty industry, which influenced my Dissertation and Final Major Project.

My Dissertation was titled “The Definition of ‘Beauty’ and How can we make the Beauty Industry a more Positive and Inclusive experience for the consumer.” Investigated the notion of what ‘beautiful’ is. Also looked and questioned whether the market is inclusive to all ethnicities. In an age where the term ‘beautiful’ is open for interpretation, more opinions and definitions are being welcomed. The trend of natural beauty vs. ideal has been argued through primary research, with key terms of organic and fake beauty.

Findings from my Dissertation, led to me creating my own skincare brand for my Final Major Project. Au Natural is an all-natural skincare brand that uses natural ingredients with a twist. Using food waste at the heart of their ingredients, to create a main line of basic skincare for the ethical consumer. With advancements of technological in food waste, this has created ways to take nutrients from food waste and use them in cosmetics. The brand started with the basic skincare that the consumer needs, i.e. moisturizer, lip balm and a scrub.

Through my years at Birmingham City University, I have found that I have a strong interest in the marketing and PR sector. As I have particularly enjoyed modules based within this field, such as Marketing, Branding, PR, and also International Retailing. With these modules they allowed me to express my creative side but also further my business knowledge. In the future I hope be able to showcase my skills that I have learnt, through a marketing and branding role in a company.