Bethany Frays

Bethany Frays

COURSE: Fashion 2016

Pathway: Fashion Communication 2016

TITLE: The Chaos Theory

That small difference made all the difference.
Small shifts in your thinking, and small changes in your energy, can lead to massive alterations of your end result.
The chaos theory is a huge part of life of which we can all relate to whether we are aware of it or not, after researching thoroughly I used this concept to inform my trend and then develop my collection based on the key drivers. Alongside this I explored the brand COS and its minimal aesthetic to tailor my collection as a sub-brand for them of which I decided to have an activewear collection as this was something they lack in. Following my mathematical based trend I decided to name my sub-brand X relating to COS being equal to the value of X in trigonometry. Throughout this project the brand COS and my concept have been used as a platform for my sub-brand development, and I have ensured that they have worked side by side in unison throughout my collection. I created a series of outcomes for my final major project including two styling shoots and a fashion film of which I think portray my brand and collections simple style perfectly.

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