Bethany Dyke

Bethany Dyke



Benefit Cosmetics AVA Line

AVA- Advanced Visual Aesthetics

"It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength" Maya Angelou

Fashion Business Graduate currently seeking a career within promotional sectors, with a strong interest in marketing, public relations and social media. Throughout my final year at University my work has been heavily focused on topics surrounding inclusivity and diversity within the beauty and fashion industry. I have explored a range of subjects from Public Relations, to Branding and Marketing all of which are based upon commercial studies. Focus during my projects has been heavily set on analysis of consumer behaviour to ensure the development of innovative strategies. During my time at University I have recognised my ability to take Creative Direction and lead a team of Graphic Designers, Videographers, Photographers and Make-up Artists to work on large projects.

My dissertation asked the question “Is disability hidden in fashion?", I produced an independent and extensive investigation to discuss the representation of disability within the fashion industry to determine whether inclusivity is being achieved within the UK. Through research that heavily relied on primary sources I investigated multiple areas of the fashion industry and the relationship it has with a community that makes up a large percentage of the population, the size of this community correlates with the power of purple pound and the importance of engaging with a section society that can often be looked over. From marketing, to retail spaces, to adaptive clothing, case studies were made to gain an understanding of the positive impact that some businesses within these areas are having.

Although not based on beauty (although does have some references to the industry), my dissertation topic and personal motivations led me to develop my final major project. In the final part of my dissertation I discussed the ways in which perceptions of disability can be changed through forthcoming and entrepreneurial ideas and products, this led to some research into adaptive beauty products and there was very little in the current market. It seemed natural to then develop a line of beauty products with adaptations myself; the AVA line was then born. Benefit Cosmetics seemed a suitable company for me to produce the line within being the first company to use a disabled model in a beauty campaign, they would have the resources to produce and market such products to a large audience. A campaign was created surrounding the products that included promotional videos and marketing content for all social media;. The aim of the project was to empower disabled make-up lovers as well as raise awareness.