COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020


Beth Harries - Art Direction & Consumer Behaviour.

Fashion branding and communication graduate who has a keen interest in visually stimulating digital design, consumer behaviour/interaction and social media roles within the fashion industry. My interests within the industry might be seemingly broad, however I am extremely capable of adapting my strengths and flourishing within each and every one of them.

My keen interest and skill within creating visually appealing and innovative graphic design work can is demonstrated throughout ever project I touch.
I have recently been enlisted to collaborate with a photography graduate to showcase her work through a Zine.
Due to the zine containing many different photoshoots from a wide variety of projects, it was only fitting for the graphic design and layout of each photoshoot to fit it’s own individual aesthetic.
From the zesty 90’s retro style of ‘Nora’, the rebellious teenage scrapbook aesthetic of ‘Thalia’ to the fresh and feminine feel of ‘Val & Yaz’, my unique eye for design is demonstrated.

For my final year dissertation I proposed the question ‘Is the use of Artificial Intelligent technology in fashion e-commerce efficient for business and an effective way to engage with consumers?’
This question is extremely relevant for both current and future e-commerce sectors as there is an increasing volume of business’ forecast to implement the use of new AI into their strategies.

Throughout the first chapter of the dissertation I look into consumer perceptions surrounding online data collection and whether, despite it’s negative stigma, this interaction with AI ultimately enhances online shopping experiences.
The second chapter outlines the benefits of AI within business, exploring how and why brand’s have implemented new technologies into their strategies to reduce waste, increase consumer engagement, provide efficiency and predict future trends.
The third chapter of the dissertation details the assets and liabilities of AI for both business and consumer while the final chapter explores possible future developments within the sector.

I feel as though this project goes hand in hand with my keen interest in social media. Social media is the most pivotal way for a brand to build up relationships and interact with their consumers in today’s society. With the right balance between having a prominent social media presence and the use of AI technologies such as machine learning across all platforms, brands can get to know their consumers more than ever before.