Bernice Tang

Bernice Tang

COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Design Womenswear 2017



Rhythmic flexibility or a flexible tempo within a phrase or measure, a relaxation of strict time.
I feel that this relates to human emotions, perspectives, values and standards, as people changes their mind freely and are unpredictable.
From this concept, I want people to think about that each individual could
have different opinions and thoughts about the things around us, even though it doesn’t
change the nature of the situation. We shouldn’t use our own standards to judge others
whether their opinions are definitely right or wrong, as we only based it on our
own experience and the amount of knowledge we have. For example, most of the people
would think that rainbows are formed by 7 colours, but actually it has more than 7,
and we cannot judge which is wrong. If we all have the same perspective, the
world will not be as interesting and developed as we see it today, because different
opinions forms discussions, if everybody agrees to the same thing, then there
will be no room for improvement. The flexibility of our minds
let us to be ourselves, and not being like a robot.

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