Ben Seaman

Ben Seaman

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Pretty Green x Barberology


The menswear market has grown 4.1% in 2015 and has projected growth of 22.5% by 2020. This expansion coincides with the anticipated growth in the male population over the age of 40 by 10.6% by 2020 in the UK.
Pretty Green x Barberology. A multi-functional space the pop up store aims to create a environment where the male consumer can enjoy fashion and grooming.
During 3rd year studies I decided to focus on Men and the Menswear industry. My Dissertation titled “Denied Elders; Are men over 40 being ignored by the fashion industry” explored the fashion industries attitude towards generation X and Baby boomers. The Dissertation also focused on the attitudes of this consumer towards the fashion industry. Findings suggested that there is a disconnection between the consumer and the industry. Primary research suggested there is a desire amongst consumers to embrace a diverse and inclusive industry to embrace a diverse and inclusive industry.

The findings from my dissertation helped formulate my final major project. By exploring inclusivity and inclusion of the older male consumer who may be less interested or confident and creating an engaging environment. Primary research conducted during my FMP found that consumers would be interested in a store that offered multi functionality. From this research I devised the Pretty Green x Barberology travelling pop up store.

The Pretty Green x Barberology travelling pop up store brings two well established brands together to offer consumers a better retail experience. Pretty Green x Barberology aims to encourage male consumers to enjoy their shopping experience by offering a multifunctional space in which they are free to choose what kind of service they want to use. The pop up store is able to function as both a retail and social space. By promoting local craft beer suppliers and local musicians the pop up store is able to create a welcoming inclusive environment, bringing people together and making the whole shopping experience more enjoyable for the male consumer. The website enables consumers are to find hidden gems within their local areas as well as bringing them on the journey with the pop up store around the country. Creating a multisensory environment allows the consumer to create better memories making them more likely to visit again. The pop up store will run two, Six months cycles visiting each city in different seasons so product offerings will be completely different. The Pretty Green x Barberology pop up store is aimed directly at the male consumer targeting primarily Older Millennials and Generation X. This consumer at is currently not being targeted correctly and are being left in limbo by many retailers who are primarily focused on Generation I and younger Millennials. The targeted consumer has a higher level of disposable income, has a growing interest in fashion and grooming and is keen to support local business. The Pretty Green x Barberology pop up store is tailor made for this type of consumer as it offers them a space where they are able to do all of these things as well as be in a social environment.

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