Becky Jasper

Becky Jasper

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Fable

Fashion is a form of expression, so why should clothing choices for the disabled consumer be restricted
Fable will transform the fashion and style choices for individuals living with an illness or disability
Fashion Vs Function explores invisible and visible disabilities within the fashion industry. It investigates lifestyle and fashion choices which may be effected or possibly change for the consumer living with a disability. The importance and significance of being individual in the way people dress represents personality. Self expression is showcased through the fashion choices individuals choose to wear to represent themselves to others on a daily basis, yet fashion for the disabled is usually used as a form of disguise, rather than an attraction. Fable, a functional fashion brand, was then created based on research findings from the dissertation, where it became evident there was a lack of functional fashionable clothing available on the high street for the disabled consumer. The Fable brand is fashion and ability combined together to provide the disabled consumer with on trend fashion pieces which help accommodate a disability whilst still looking stylish.
Becky Jasper

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