Becci Hollis

Becci Hollis

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


"Look Loyal" - Loyalty app for New Look

“The idea of the app itself is wonderful. I love the gamification element which I feel will be perfect for the target audience".

– Teresa Heath-Wareing (

My career aspiration is to work in digital marketing. In my final year at university, I focused on a social media marketing which I found really interesting. Working part time in social media marketing whilst at university has shown me just how powerful it can be for a brand. Through a good social media presence and interesting campaigns, consumers can be influenced to purchase.

For my dissertation, I investigated the buying power of social media and the influence it has on consumers. Through primary and secondary research, I found out how different consumer groups are influenced by what they see on social media. I also looked into current trends in social media, such as influencer marketing, which is becoming one of the most powerful and influential marketing techniques.

Following on from my dissertation, my final major project idea was created to try to overcome some of the key drivers I have focused on. This included; Consumer attention span decreasing, Consumers having more resources to compare prices meaning they are less loyal to brands and the new algorithms on platforms such as Facebook making it harder for consumers to see content if they do not engage.

“Look Loyal” is a loyalty app for high street retailer New Look. The app provides users with a loyalty program where they collect points every time they shop, unlocking reward tiers to claim amazing ‘money can’t buy prizes’. There is also be other features within the app such as a reviewing section, a rating products section and a self-checkout option to use in store.
Finally, there will be a 12-month campaign, full of interactive games and activities users can take part in every week to win prizes and points for their “Look Loyal” account.

By offering rewards for customer loyalty, this will not only boost brand awareness but ensure customers are returning to New Look and choosing them over competitors.