Aysha Khan

Aysha Khan

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


A Y S H A ' S - P O R T F O L I O

BA Honours graduate at Birmingham City University, with a desire to be an entrepreneur. My final year projects focused on my desired career path. Graduating with a Fashion Business and Promotion Honours degree, I have obtained a diverse range of skills and knowledge including Buying and Merchandising, Events Management, Marketing and PR, and Trends Forecasting. Wanting to pursue a business within the Fashion Industry, with a developed interest in Business. I committed my final year to analysing and researching Fashion Businesses ready for the industry.

Major Project: Dissertation – ‘’Coronavirus VS the Fashion Industry.’’ – ‘’How the Coronavirus has impacted the Fashion Industry?’’

The dissertation aimed to investigate the impacts of Coronavirus on the Fashion Industry by examining the responses of fashion brands, impacts on garment workers and the changes and adaptations in consumers’ shopping behaviours. Desk and field research gave an insight that demonstrated Coronavirus has caused massive changes to Fashion Stores, that there had been a growth in redundancies, less footfall because consumers were shopping more online, and the way workers were working as a team had impacted morals and the way they socialise and deliver customer service.

The report covers an in-depth study into defining which fashion brands are delivering in response to help during these changes and how millions of garment workers are been impacted whilst brands are cancelling orders as well as fashion consumers have been affected by the Coronavirus.

The research demonstrated that there is a signal for the future that shopping changings will make an impact on brands after the Pandemic and brands need to adapt to the way consumers are shopping but retail has thrived its way through this pandemic.

Independent Final Project: ‘’The Fashcerns – Because your worth it to express yourself.’’

The final project led me to then explore unique tools and technologies that consumers were adapting too this guided to an original concept for my business plan.

The concept focuses on a platform of e-commerce and virtual user experience that connects businesses to consumers. The platform educated consumers about the issues and concerns towards the Fashion Industry. The Fashcerns was an online consumer platform that allows consumers and brands to book virtual appointments and personalised consultation services, detecting their emotional issues and concerns. The Fashcerns would identify their emotional issues and concerns, and how they can make longevity a part of their lives by providing consumers to evaluate brands and practises and how consumers can be environmentally conscious.

The final outcomes for Independent Final Project included an app with AI features, website, and a marketing campaign.