Arrdena Taylor-Cassell

Arrdena Taylor-Cassell

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


The Future of Social Media Marketing

"Our digital future is about enabling better productivity and decisions making to enjoy a better quality of life." - Yacine Baroudi-

“The use of Digital Avatars is now an increasingly important part of consumer interactions online. This sort of advancement in technology will create new marketing opportunities for brands and will help them create unique experiences that blend the physical and digital worlds.” -(LSN Avatar Influence Report 2017). -

The marketing sector is a sector which will always be highly impacted by continuous changes in technology all around the world. The role of the marketer will be to continuously research and update knowledge based on current trends and techniques to maintain a competitive edge. As social media marketing is my chosen career path, within the Dissertation background information was conducted to understand how “Artificial Intelligence and the advancement of technology will have an impact on the future of the fashion industry?”

An exploration of theories and development of computer systems which are able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. The use of Chatbots, Virtual Personal Assistants, Interactive Fitting Room features, and other key features are explored. The dissertation also highlights and state the impacts it will have on the future of fashion retail industry. The Future of Social Media Marketing will involve new theories involving the advancement of technology and the use of Artificial Intelligence and throughout the dissertation, the pros and cons are analysed to pitch an innovative idea incorporating the suggested features.

Following on from the research found and conducted within the dissertation, an idea was pitched for a multi-functional smartphone app powered by Artificial Intelligence, which allows its users to create a virtual profile avatar that mimics their characteristics and features through the use of a facial recognition scanner. The app titled ‘Stylist’ allows the user to try on clothing virtually and purchase without the hassle. The app aims to minimize deterring factors and make the decision-making process of online shopping easier. A 12 Month Marketing & Financial Strategy was created to support the business idea.