Visual Merchandising:


Retailers are increasingly looking to drive footfall via unique in-store experiences and service offers. Contemporary and chain retailers are beginning to blur the boundaries between retail and culture with radical new retail environments that tap into a new mind-set. Physical retail cannot complete with the immediacy and convenience of online. Rapid advances in technology mean that consumers can buy products anywhere and at any time.

Physical retail needs to evolve to allow for the rising influence of ecommerce and the digital domination. For some retailers an engineered integrated approach is needed delighting the connected consumer with an Omni-channel and interactive retail experience. For others the pleasure is in engaging the consumer in the joy of serendipity and a sense of magic.

In order to engage with the new consumer tribes’ retailers are now redefining retail environments. Physical stores are becoming playgrounds for artists who are reinventing the retail experience allowing bricks and mortar stores to become brand embassies that facilitate rather than dictate the consumer journey. Bricks and mortar retail stores are repositioning themselves as a place of learning and inspiration but more importantly for consumer engagement and interaction that facilitates discovery.