Annabelle Carter

Annabelle Carter

Annabelle Carter

COURSE: Fashion 2018

Pathway: Design for Performance 2018

Forest Fairytale Bridal Wear

FMP Collaboration: Keith Mitchell Photography

Project Video

A video showing the work in collaboration with Keith Mitchell Photography to produce two fairytale themed bridal gowns, which will then be used in a location photoshoot in order to produce a look book for both him and myself to use in our portfolios.

After discussing some ideas with Mr Mitchell and highlighting my interest in bridal wear, especially alternative bridal wear, we both decided that a fantasy/fairytale theme would suit our needs with the dresses designed to be different, out there and nature inspired.

Mr Mitchell requested a dress that is quite ‘bonkers’ with some volume and light colours. He also expressed a liking of sheer fabrics, backless dresses and head dresses. He requested the dress to be light in colour stating due to the photoshoot being outside on location, that at that time of year with everything being very green, lighter colours would stand out better, he also informed me of a like for lots of sequins/beading.

Upon completing the collaboration, Keith had this to say:

'I had the pleasure of working with Annabelle when she approached me to photograph her designs.
I am a local professional photographer with my own studio and have experience in fashion photography and love a challenge so I was very interested it this project.

Annabelle provided me with a mood board and initial ideas for the shoot on which I gave my input.
We cast for a model and MUA for the day, which was going to be on location. It would have been easy to shoot in the studio but a location shoot adds so much more.

I had several locations in mind but with the time of year, we had the benefit of the blue bells being out. The day came and the Model, Makeup Artist and dresses were all prefect.

Whe had a fabulous time with lots of input from everyone to make the shoot a great success. Annabelle is very professional and lovely to work with which all made for a fabulous shoot which considering we had never worked together before was great from my point of view.  I like to work as part of a team with everyones talents pulling together to make it a success.

I was really pleased with the day and it produced some great images and hopefully I get to work with Annabelle again on future projects as is very talented and a pleasure to work with on all levels.'
Annabelle Carter