Anna Rebecca Clarke

Anna Rebecca Clarke

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Nonsolete


“Prices profess that these clothes are to be thrown away, discarded as a condom and forgotten before being loved and savoured, teaching young consumers that fashion has no value. The culture of fashion is thus destroyed.”
-Li Edelkoort
The apparel resale market is a colossal sector and a sector that is projected to expand. Complimenting this, fast fashion is being questioned and sustainability has become a rightfully huge trend that the resale market encompasses.  Nonsolete was created with the knowledge that shopping second hand is a more considered way of purchasing. With a distinct focus on quality assured premium, middle market clothes shoes and accessories for women, Nonsolete fills the void in the second hand market. 

Peer-to-peer reselling sites like Depop and ASOS Marketplace portray a poor aesthetic with user generated content and the lack of security is unfavourable. Nonsolete presents itself as a slick and safe online destination for buyers and sellers; with Nonsolete as the middleman between the 2 customer types, a uniform website aesthetic is achieved and security is assured.

Sustainability, exclusivity and thrift are MACRO trends in the market and Nonsolete is encapsulating them in their entirety.

Nonsolete is current, Nonsolete is curation, Nonsolete is a role model for the future of sustainable online retail.

This business venture and it's feasibility paired with a passion of the resale market led me to want to pursue an entrepreneurial career with Nonsolete being made into a live business.

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