Anna Mardell

Anna Mardell



Fraud Filter

A graduate of Fashion Business and Promotion BA (Hons) from Birmingham City University. Currently seeking a job in the PR and Influencer Marketing sector. Final year studies sparked an interest for influencer marketing and a wealth of industry knowledge was acquired. A hard working, dedicated individual aspiring to work in the fast paced fashion industry.

“One of the biggest, most elaborate, wide spread scams in the history of marketing.” (Social Chain, 2018)

The Influencer Marketing industry is one which is constantly evolving as it is one of the easiest and most effective forms of marketing for brands to use. However, with this comes Influencers who will try to cheat the system through buying their followers and their engagement, this has been labelled “One of the biggest, most elaborate, wide spread scams in the history of marketing” (Social Chain, 2018).

Fraud Filter is a digital software for PR agencies and brands to use which will filter out fraudulent Influencers as well as highlighting those who have has succeeded in previous campaigns. This allows brands to only use trustworthy influencers best suited to them and to leave reviews on Influencers highlighting which ones should be avoided. 

Agencies and brands will pay a monthly subscription fee to Fraud Filter which will give them access to all of the features including a huge database of millions of influencer profiles, showing their campaigns, Instagram page, reviews from other brands who have previously worked with them as well as a list of all the brands they have worked with in the past. It will also show their follower number, amount of campaigns they have previously taken part in and also their ‘true engagement’. This is the amount of engagement they have gained from real people and not Bot accounts. This is one of the most important features of the software as it allows brands to clearly see which Influencers are fraudulent and who they should avoid. 

The software will also include a blacklist specially created by Fraud Filter which will collate all of the Influencers who should be avoided due to having a low number of true engagement or having a high number of bad reviews from other brands. This will be extremely beneficial as it will stop brands from unnecessary spending on Influencers who do not produce revenue as, despite them having a high number of followers, if their true engagement is low this means no real people are viewing the content they are creating.

A marketing strategy, financial plan and future growth strategy along with multiple outcomes such as an app, a website, a mock up of a launch event and invitations were created to portray this concept.