Anna Louise Johnston

Anna Louise Johnston

Anna Louise Johnston

COURSE: Textiles 2018

Pathway: Printed Textiles and Surface Design

'Dystopian Fictions'

The aim of this project is to produce a dystopian mood through placements on cloth that will highlight the issue of human impact on the surrounding environment, through harnessing bioengineering and creating transgenic plants (artificially altering their DNA) and to produce fictional illustrations exploring their impact the landscape. Designs should act as a statement through fashion garments, much like visual propaganda, promoting against destruction of current habitats and tampering with science, causing ecosystem corruption and biological mutations.

The human and animal species depend on plants, what will it mean if this goes wrong for us? The propaganda designs of the 1920s, which were used to impact people with current themes as well as Japanese propaganda kimonos, inspires the aesthetic to convey a statement concerning where the future of our world may lie. Design intentions could lead to bespoke fashion but could also have potential to be a wall hanging or art. Tapestries that are used to illustrate stories and themes through fabric are also an inspiration. A surrealist science-fiction aesthetic gives a futuristic undertone to the designs whilst a classical theme is conveyed by the chosen cloths to give a sense of how tradition and normality will be changed. With distressed aspects to produce a look of destruction, along with distorted imagery that exaggerates potential mutations of nature. This is combined with the impressionist painting style and classical painting colours. Dark, sombre hues represent a dark future with the imagery emerging from the background to create an eerie effect, much like portholes through to a future world.