Anna Hendrikson

Anna Hendrikson

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017



''Eastern Europe is shaping the creative grounds at the moment. A lot of undiscovered designers, musicians, underground sounds will be the trendsetters for the whole world.''
''Now more than ever, designers are looking back at their heritage and roots, and take that as inspiration for their designs, creating a distinctive look. Gosha Rubchinskiy is a genius in my mind, he has taken something so simple, like Soviet clothing, and made it look appealing for the Western market.''
The initial idea to create a platform such as ARTEK came from the dissertation ''Are the influences from Soviet culture in Post-Soviet fashion design establishing a new fashion direction, or is it a passing trend Western culture is appropriating?'' The dissertation started a long lasting analysis about the Soviet influences in the Western retail market and community behaviour, that in deeper research the consumer need for it was revealed. Obtaining the knowledge of the very real and existing consumer demand for Eastern European goods, ARTEK was born. Back in the Soviet times, ARTEK was a student camp, uniting together all of the best students of the countries of Soviet Union. With this in mind, ARTEK was found to be the most suitable name for an online platform that represents the creative sector of Eastern Europe, unlocking the stories of the artists and designers, and shopping clothes while educating oneself of the heritage.

ARTEK has proven itself to be a necessity over primary research and retail statistics. Internet access in Eastern Europe is limited, with Russia being even as low as not to reach the average of accessibility within Europe. People are also limited by the media restrictions, which vastly contribute blocking out online opportunities. ARTEK, as a website, has a purpose of being a cultural bridge between the East and the West, delivering needed, but unobtainable, retail products to consumers who need more street style items, while also providing the opportunity for the Easterners to take a step away from their own culture, and apply to a wider world. As a whole package, ARTEK will offer its visitors an experience rather than just shopping, the website users have the option to read the designers backstories and interviews with the industry, see inspirational and original imagery from Eastern European countries, listen to playlists and shop the designers, enjoy themselves and slowly close the cultural gap between the two regions of Europe.

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