Anna Hall

Anna Hall

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Anna Hall Portfolio

A comprehensive set of hard skills covering both business and creativity have been developed as a result of the diverse range of modules covered within the Fashion Business and Promotion course, which can now be applied to a desired career in merchandising. Confident use of the Adobe suite has been achieved through consistent use across the three years, while more module specific knowledge such as competitive shops, critical paths and trend analysis have been gained through Buying and Merchandising. The course also encouraged significant personal development and confidence in research, team-working and time management.

The research project involved an exploration into the use of discounting by high street fashion brands, and evaluation of the future of these types of marketing strategies. Both primary and secondary research identified fundamental issues within this sector, as overconsumption continues to grow, and consumer expectations evolve. Consumer psychology theories were used to evaluate the responsibility of consumers versus the responsibility of the retailers. Insight gained through interviews with industry experts opened discussions around the longer-term implications of this way of retailing, and further research was undertaken to explore potential solutions to excess waste, as well as tackling the more complex issues of a consumption driven society.

Final independent project:
Sequoia is a clothing brand specifically catered to tall females age 16–26. Research identified a gap in the market for tall-specific retailer that appeals to a younger audience while maintaining values of sustainable consumption and ethical production. Trend analysis using platforms such as WGSN and Edited identified growth in minimalism and ‘less is more’. This supported the sustainable values of Sequoia and underpinned the visual identity and aesthetic of the brand. A detailed business plan covered consumer tribes, competitor analysis, operational and marketing strategies. Financial tools were also used including a cash flow forecast and break-even analysis. This project allowed for the application of a variety of skills developed throughout the course, most specifically the use of Adobe software - Illustrator, Photoshop and Premier Pro that were used to create marketing mock-ups. Strategic industry collaborations contributed to the creative outcomes of the project.