Anmol Merban

Anmol Merban



M-Urban میگزین

“The role of culture is that it's the form through which as a society we reflect on who we are, where we've been, where we hope to be” - Wendell Pierce

A recent graduate of BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion course at Birmingham City University. The course has led to discover a strong desire to work within the Journalism and Consumer Behaviour Analyst sector. My work throughout the years progressively showcased a clear aim to explore consumer behaviour, culture and additionally in final year the magazine industry.

The aim was to truly target South Asian minority community which I also associate with. Prior modules allowed exploration and further analysation into consumer behaviour which was a great factor into the development of M-Urban. The concept further enhanced the complexity of approaching an underrepresented community and therefore to tackle with great sensitivity. Further researching to identify a platform which solely celebrated and represented the community was a market missed in society therefore chose to create the platform (Social page - Instagram). Analysing and exploring the community through in-depth Primary and Secondary research. Business Report conducted of The Concept, SWOT analysis, Competitors and the 4 P’s. Whereas Outcomes finalise the missionary through Social Media Strategy, Merchandise Collaboration and Photoshoots.

The zine was the first edition of M-Urban called ‘Re-Embracing Culture’. Featuring a great variation of South Asian individuals such as Illustrator, Influencers and Designer. The community vocalised throughout the lack of support and identification of a safe space which solely focused on the community. Therefore, M-Urban was that platform which was a a safe space for the South Asian community to express their struggles as well as their successes.

The focal content from the zine was the poet ‘What is Home?’ (Video 2) discussing the embracement of culture but also a clear indication of the struggle of having dual identity’s and not knowing what to identify with. Dual Identity is a continuous factor which implicates confusion throughout the community and therefore married the juxtaposition and creating a positive. The photoshoots were to showcase Western and South Asian fashion incorporated together. The missionary was to present to the community the ability of merging dual or multiple identity’s together.

Understanding social topical issues and being open-minded to racial/cultural sensitivity has become an important quality that is needed especially within my chosen sectors I have been able to showcase this throughout my work to explore consumer behaviour. From previous modules and for the creation of M-Urban, the opportunity has provided great insight and invaluable knowledge on how to be socially aware of current social shifts impacting the society.

Video 1 (Top): M-Urban Zine / Business Repot / Outcomes Snippets
Video 2 (Right): What Is Home?
Video 3 (Left): M-Urban Photoshoots