COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Sabyasachi X Selfridges

Sabyasachi X Selfridges will revolutionize the way in which premium Indian womenswear can be purchased by the British Indian Consumer.
The collaboration meets the customers desire to find a new level of luxury within the Indian Fashion Industry in Britain.
The dissertation focused on researching the feasibility of launching a premium Indian womenswear brand within the well-established British Luxury market. From research collated it was evident that there was a large Indian population in Britain, therefore, at an early stage of this study it was identifiable that there would be a proposed venture that could be capitalised on by the British Indian consumer. The extended family households, increase in Indian working-women and the overall net wealth was a clear indicator to the availability of disposable income within the Indian community.

Through a mixed-method approach, it was apparent that the British Indian woman was keen to showcase her status and wealth through her clothing when attending functions. Primary research found that there was a shift in Indian women moving towards purchasing a branded Indian garments.

A business plan for Sabyasachi to launch concessions in Selfridges was developed. The collaboration links the most extraordinary department store in the world with one of the most sort after designers in India at the moment. The strength of both businesses combined presents promising financial success. The collaboration hold an exclusive ‘Create Your Look’ range which opens the fashion style to a wider market as it allows customers to purchase individual elements of a outfit. Additionally, a marketing and sales tool of the interactive customisation table, brings a digital element to the concept – a tool which has not yet been utilised in the British Indian fashion market.

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