Anisha Rai

Anisha Rai

Anisha Rai

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Embroidered Textiles 2020

Tales of Nepal

This collection of samples is for bespoke alternative bridal wear. The designs was influenced by the journey taken within the country of Nepal during winter season.

The journey started in the capital city of Kathmandu, continued through road traveling in Lulitpur district, seeing the two rivers meet, Sun Kosi and Dudh Koshi. Resting in a rural village of Khotang between the deep and winding valleys. Finally continuing forward with the road trip towards the plane landscape of Ihatari district.

Ideas were inspired through the images and videos collected from that journey, which lead to the exploration of nature influenced textures , form and shapes seen during the trip. Furthermore, the colour pallet was exclusive and linked with the experience of the traveller. This led to compositions showcasing intimate and key moments of the journey.

Techniques such as sublimation printing, digital and hand embroidery including couching, tambour beading, and stumpwork, was integrated to further explore the textural designs. All these processes helped to create a detailed narrative within the samples.

This led to a unique bridal wear collection which showcased how well personal moments can produce creative outcomes and different options by breaking the traditional route.