COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016



Radical interpretations of design are giving way to revolutionary technologically integrated garments, set to push humanistic boundaries
I am a graduate that is deeply intrigued by future products that will have an influence on our society. The want to understand what the future will consist of and what is influencing these shifts ignites this intrigue. This encouraged me to research and develop My Final Major Project: SUMMIT.

The rise of wearable technology and products with technological benefits entering the market is subsequently causing an increase in clothing becoming seamlessly integrated with technology. Upon the completion of extensive research concerning the emergence of intelligent garments in terms of what was available to the consumer, experimentation, and R&D an ideation process began. Focus turned to a new gap that had been identified where in technological capabilities could be used to greatly benefit the consumer by supplying a solution to specific needs.

SUMMIT is a proposal for a new brand extension of the existing specialist outdoor apparel brand RAB. SUMMIT endeavours to increase safety, enhance experience and push boundaries of discovery for expeditionists. This will be achieved by utilising existing wearable technology and combining this with expedition wear to create a premium 6 piece collection that appeals to both men and women.

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